Hibiscus Flowers Foot Pegs for Jeep Wrangler

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Whether these gorgeous Hibiscus Flower Foot Pegs are reminiscent of Hawaii, welcomes, exotic beauty, or a gift for a perfect partner, these custom foot pegs are for you! 50+ colors to choose from including *closest Jeep match!

These custom Jeep Wrangler foot pegs (sold as a set - one driver-side/one passenger-side) have a two-layer ergonomic design!

The simple yet sturdy bracket slides directly into the door hinge-simply push the pin through the bottom once installed- and you are ready to hit the trails or mall crawl in style! (pins are included)

We manufacture foot pegs for: JL, JK, TJ/LJ, YJ & CJ models. 
Message us two (2) powder coat COLORS.

1) Primary Color- Bracket/Base
2) Secondary Color- Face plate Image

*Our supplier has verified closest match powder color finishes for the following factory Jeep colors we carry: Jeep colors produced in the last 5 years & the most common colors produced over the last 24 years! (Jeep color name is in the parentheses under individual swatches)